Dedicating my first blogpost to two of my wonderful friends. Karthik Parthasarathy and Karthikeyan TS.

The Silent Realization And The Loud Laughter

Katz had already left for the day. He called me up after having gone past at least 2 kms from my office.

“Hey, coffee? “, he asked

” When? where? I am in the office and I just had coffee man”, I said

“let’s go for one more round then. I am nearby your office. I take a U turn and wait near that coffee shop opposite your office. 10 minutes max, I ll be there”.

“Right, gimme a call once you reach”, I said.

“I have reached Anya”.

It was 6:30 pm.
I went to that coffee shop and there he was ,kind enough to have ordered 2 cups of coffee one for each. I told him i am not having it or should i add the word “bluntly” as well?.

It was twilight time. I felt a sense of freshness to breathe some polluted air outside as opposed to staying indoors and breathing the recycled air .I thought it would be a good idea to do a 15 min walk in the evening everyday to refresh myself.. WIth this MahaMagam yday, the moon was so beautiful. My mind felt a little relaxed.

So, Katz got his coffee. This shop is a pretty decent roadside shop but you don’t have any tables/chairs to be seated
Nearby is a stores/bank or whatever that is but the shutters always remain closed.
The only place we could sit was on the last two steps that were spared from the shutters. Dirty? yes. But My legs were aching. I decided to sit and Katz never bothers about cleanliness anyway, so it was okay for him.

Here was katz who came to meet me impromptu and we were sitting and not even talking to each other for a few minutes. Want to know what we did? Right on the opposite side of the road was the big brown building and we were looking at that building in complete silence .The name of the building read “TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES “. For a few seconds I alienated myself from the scene and looked at this company called TCS.

Katz and I have a decade each of experience in TCS .
so, together it is 20 years of service, 240 months of uninterrupted salary, onsite opportunities, role elevation, 20 years of a life at work place, work pressure, politics, appreciation, motivation, de-motivation, humiliation, humility, personality development, and the list goes on..

Above all, This company gave me something that I will always remain indebted for. It gave me Independence, dignity and respect as a woman.

About two months ago, on my way to London, I had a transit via Sri Lanka. The security personnel looked at my passport , flipped through the pages randomly and stopped at my USA Visa stamped image, raised his eyebrows with such amazement and said. “Oh!! you work for TCS” . I was all smiles.
Only someone who really loves his/her company will understand the emotions I went through when he said that .
A lot can happen over a cup of coffee. This time It was a lot of GRATITUDE.

I turned towards katz who was also silent all the while looking at the same building . This is what he had to say

“Hmm… I guess its fun to stare at it from a distance than sit within its promising prisoned walls, “

We both laughed out loud at the complete contrast in our thought process.



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