recite-1x7dgia.pngI asked myself this question today .

What if my end was near? Would I be living the life I am currently living..?

I would not wait for permissions
I would not care about pending decisions
I would not brood over things I have done in the past
I would not live my life in guilt and regrets
I would cut those invisible strings that I am holding on to with so many folks who have royally used me
I would not waste time on people and life events that have caused me irreversible agony

I would start travelling around the world and if I didn’t like it, make change in plans like nothing is permanent and keep moving on

I would get the courage to do what I ve always wanted to do
I would spend my remaining time only with those that truly matter
I would do every bit to be happy ,explore the world,meet strangers and talk to them like it’s the last time ever, spend soooo much money on me, pamper myself with the costliest of items ,take swift decisions without thinking about the what ifs and the if nots,

Sometimes, a life long ailment or a death bed gives us the courage, drive and passion to do things that we might on a normal day completly ignore and continue to live our mundane existence

And then I realised…

I am actually counting my days in this world irrespective of whether I am ill or not..

You my friend who is reading this , me who has blabbered this and everyone in this world is on a time machine that is without any bias cutting down the number of seconds for each of us…

But, We are so confined to the barriers that are thickened by our own thoughts and our inherited lifestyles.

Courage- blocked..
Fear – embraced..
Passion – check
Freedom – check
Freewill – hmm….???That’s debatable
Happiness – limited
Sadness – unlimited
Smile – Rare
Feelings – hidden

All these are the barriers built over time.
Breaking the barriers become extremely difficult.

But, there is a clock that is assigned to each one of us my dear friends.
And the time is ticking …

I ask you this question

What if your end was near? Would you be living the life you are currently living..?


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