For one truth, there can be a minimum of one contradiction or a lie,minimum one .There can be no truth without a lie.
And then there are some universal truths. Think about the zillion lies or contradictions surrounding them.
The beauty being most of our daily lifestyles are about the simple truths of our lives. The mind knows. The mind knows it very well.
It is funny that the contradictions that we have aplenty hide the truth to the level of complete insignificance .
Does it mean truth is insignificant or less powerful?
NO, It means truth becomes a very costly and tiresome treasure hunt. The more the contradictions , the more the complexities.
Does that mean contradictions are bad?
Again NO. It only means one has to have the intellectual capability and stimulation to identify the complexities around the subtleties of existence.
What is probably also required is wisdom. The one that knows to differentiate between the ones that hit the dead wall and the ones that give way to logical conclusions .

Simple is so boring .. we don’t want to settle for simplicity as it seems very trivial .
Simple is not as easy as it looks . Simple is a treasure built around the dense walls of complexities
Complexities make us run after things and people as it is a desire and prey for our ego. Little do we realize that we are becoming a prey to our own ego. In the end, we get so tired of all the complications of life that we want to go back to being simple again.
In the game of finding our inner peace, the treasure is always hunted after . The beautiful irony to it is , the treasure is so ‘simple’ to find

Do we dare ย play it simple ๐Ÿ™‚ ?



4 thoughts on “Simple yet complicated

  1. Ah good lord. The simple vs complicated question. I think it’s about convenience at times. We sure like simplicity in others and at times, we complicate and distort the truth because we’d really want to.

    It’s a tough call on most days. Truth, simple, lie, complexities, aren’t they all a mode of exchange as defined by people who are the stakeholders of a any given something. How folks manage to mutually agree on something goes on to define what should remain simple and what might go on to get complicated and messy ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Complicated but simple!!

    Yogini – attained 25% , remaining 75% !!! ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    I believe so that there is only truth. No lies. For representational purposes, as we invented 0, we have invented lies and it prevails. Just a linguistic term.

    I do also believe that the contradictions, complications are a myth. It is just our perception that something is complicated. By the life style that we have adapted; from the knowledge we have perceived, we have distanced ourselves from the truth. From this stand point, the truth looks very far and we are trying to do a Ctrl+Z to get to the truth.
    As you said, the wisdom will help us to clear all such myths and get to the truth

    Great blogging, looking forward to such spirited blogs!!!

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