There is something about painting.
I don’t know what I want to paint. I have a sheet in front of me. I have the colors and the brushes.
I keep thinking what to do . Nothing really happens.I am so unprepared .
I browse through some stuff and then the magic begins
My mind is focused on one thing at a time.

If it’s a curve , I want to paint the best possible curve .

If it’s as simple as a line I want to have a near perfect line. The small steps actually matter a lot. While I am at it, the bigger picture reveals itself to me. I take pride in the colors i choose and the way I use my brush strokes .

I add vibrancy and spice. I own them. There is so much liberty and freedom.

Sometimes during the course of my painting. I mess up and I try my best to cover it up to have what it takes to get a decent output.

They add dimensions that I never would have initially thought about. Of course, that’s not what I would have really wanted but I like those mistakes.That’s the beauty about the way i paint.

I take full responsibility for what i do and how i do it. The unknowns about how the end product would be gives me a kick.
In the end , the outcome is beautiful and extremely satisfying. Time flies when i paint. It’s my creation and I love it.

What came to my mind as an analogy.

This white paper is life. It becomes beautiful when there is a lot of mindfulness at each and every baby step that one takes . The colors are your friends , acquaintances ,accomplishments or marriage or anything that is in your life. You sometimes make terrible mistakes , some changes happen that you neither wished for nor expected it but it just takes its course on that white sheet . You need to take responsibility for it and start moulding the picture because you want your life to be beautiful. It’s your life and you create it the way you want it. You are your own artist

Does not make any sense to throw away or crush that white paper you have owned for a long long time ,stained a little and sometimes gone blank looking at it not knowing what to do but most importantly beautified it with a variety of patterns , strokes and some breath taking colors
So go on and paint your life. It’s worth it. Totally!!




One thought on “Go on.. Paint your life

  1. Liked the post, but loved the analogy. The beauty of life is such. Throw some colors into the white. Even the blemishes go on to add their sweet nothings and complete the painting as a part of it. Maybe somewhere I do feel that if life was like the art, all it takes is the next canvas of white to start another masterpiece that leaves the world behind in awe and fills the people in it with warmth and awe. 🙂


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