15542047_1189830504437447_1589201008260187355_n ஓங்கி உலகளந்த உத்தமன் பேர்பாடி
நாங்கள் நம் பாவைக்குச் சாற்றி நீராடினால்
தீங்கின்றி நாடெல்லாம் திங்கள் மும்மாரி பெய்து
ஓங்கு பெறும்செந் நெல்ஊடு கயலுகளப்
பூங்குவளைப் போதில் பொறி வண்டு கண் படுப்பத்
தேங்காதே புக்கிருந்து சீர்த்த முலைபற்றி
வாங்க* குடம் நிறைக்கும் வள்ளல் பெரும் பசுக்கள்
நீங்காத செல்வம் நிறைந்தேலோர் எம்பாவாய்.

In Vamana Avatar, Lord Krishna took the form of a dwarf. As we know from the Puranas, Vishnu asked for 3 feet of mud from King Mahabali. Mahabali not knowing the dwarf in front of him was Vishnu incarnate agreed to give what was asked for. Vishnu grew so tall in size that he placed HIS first feet on the earth, the second in the Heaven and the third on Bali’s head and pushed him to the underground world (pathala lokam).Vishnu thus weighed and rescued the 3 worlds from Mahabali.

Krishna, who is the Vishnu incarnate HIMSELF is potrayed as Vamana in this Song.

Andal says, During this vow, if we sing praises about Krishna who is the epitome of supreme best , this world will flourish and be fertile. How will it be fertile? Here is how Andal lists down one by one

  1. There will be rainfall 3 times in a month without any bias to every place in the world and with no harm inflicted (sadly,like how we all encounter these days)
  2. Because of the rains, the crops will grow in abundance for everyone
  3. There would be fishes swimming and playing in the water that gets stagnated in the fields
  4. There would be multi colored beautiful beetles resting on the blossomed flowers
  5. Sufficient water would in turn lead to sufficient growth in land(flourished economy) . People would have enough wealth.
  6. The cows would be in plenty  . With such rich nourishment given to them ,their udders when milked would fill the milk containers continuously.

This is how the world would be , flourished with  abundant water, fertile land and enough wealth for everyone if we sing praises about Lord Krishna.

What caught my attention so far is the fact that Andal’s unshakeable faith in Krishna is evident in her songs with no ounce of doubt . It is more like a given.

Krishna is there to protect us, bless us and give us everything we can ask for. What are you waiting for. Just take this vow and you will reap benefits. That amount of Optimism, faith ,clarity ,devotion and surrender is what I infer from as early as the very first three songs of Andal’s Thiruppavai.

Fear, guilt,insecurities,doubts and murkiness cloud the minds of any human being. Andal was born and brought up like a normal girl. None of her songs or her way of living showed any of the above said emotions. I guess , she had only one emotion for her life and it was called ‘Krishna’.

P.S. It is out of love for Krishna that i have attempted this translation. A million apologies to all the scholars and the learned if i have committed any mistake(s) .

Pic Courtesy: Mr. Keshav Sir’s Facebook page.


Translation Reference https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7T0zBCVuV7camY4VWVjeFJDdXM/view?pli=1


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