புள்ளும் சிலம்பின காண் புள்ளரையன் கோயில்
வெள்ளை விளிசங்கின் பேரரவம் கேட்டிலையோ?
பிள்ளாய் எழுந்திராய் பேய்முலை நஞ்சுண்டு
கள்ளச் சகடம் கலக்கழியக் காலோச்சி
வெள்ளத்தரவில் துயிலமர்ந்த வித்தினை
உள்ளத்துக் கொண்டு முனிவர்களும் யோகிகளும்
மெள்ள எழுந்து அரி என்ற பேரரவம்
உள்ளம் புகுந்து குளிர்ந்தேலோர் எம்பாவாய்

The second section of Thiruppaavai commences from this song. This section can be called as “Rise and shine Sunshine” section :).

10 types of Gopikas are being woken up one by one by these young ladies from  outside their respective homes

Here is how they try to wake up the first Gopika.

Oh,Child like young one,wake up!  The birds have started to chirp from their nests.

Can’t you hear the blowing of the conch from Garuda’s (king of birds)temple?  Young lady!..you sleep like you have been possessed!!

The little one(Krishna) who with his tiny foot burnt sagadasuran , the demon who disguised himself as a chakra(wheel) to kill him;

The one(Vishnu) who is in deep Yoga(meditation)  lying in the center of the ocean on the snake bed(adhisheshan);

All the Rishis and Munis(saints) have slowly woken up and have been meditating on The omnipotent and the primary source of life by chanting  his name ‘HARI, HARI’. (hari is the name of Vishnu/Krishna). Can’t you hear it ? Has it not reached your senses and awakened your inner self yet?  Wake up, young lady .

Andal made it sound real. It is in the wee hours of the day. Not everyone can get up so early. Let us accept it. It is Marghazhi and the cold winter can only trigger in adding a few more blankets and sleep under the warmth of them .

Andal never said all the Gopikas were ideal ones. Only some had woken up.   The fact that some are still in the process of waking up (enlightenment) although they want to get immersed in bhakthi is symbolically conveyed here in my humble opinion.  Andal is helping them and people like us to wake up through her blissful paasurams.

P.S. It is out of love for Krishna that i have attempted this translation. A million apologies to all the scholars and the learned if i have committed any mistake(s) .

Pic Courtesy: Mr. Keshav Sir’s Facebook page.


Translation Reference https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7T0zBCVuV7camY4VWVjeFJDdXM/view?pli=1


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