நோற்றுச் சுவர்க்கம் புகுகின்ற அம்மனாய்!
மாற்றமும் தாராரோ? வாசல் திறவாதார்
நாற்றத் துழாய்முடி நாராயணன் நம்மால்
போற்றப் பறைதரும் புண்ணியனால் பண்டுஒருநாள்
கூற்றத்தின் வாய்வீழ்ந்த கும்ப கரணனும்
தோற்றும் உனக்கே பெருந்துயில்தான் தந்தானோ?
ஆற்ற அனந்தல் உடையாய்! அருங்கலமே!
தேற்றமாய் வந்து திறவேலோர் எம்பாவாய்.

This song is sung to wake up a Gopika who is held by krishna in the palm of his hand like that of a small fruit . The analogy is to say how blessed a soul she is that her sincerity and devotion towards krishna has given her the place in the hand of  the lord.

Andal seems to be a witty person too. Her sarcasm is depicted in each and every pasuram of this section where she wakes up the Gopikas. But, the wittiness is purely innocent and so full of love towards each of the Gopikas. This is how she tries to wake up this Gopika

Having reaped the benefit of the vow, you seem to be in bliss (this is sarcasm – to denote the way this gopika sleeps eternally as a result of her vow) and you have not even opened the  door of your house (Literal sense is the house but IMHO, it also means the door of wisdom,bhakthi and surrender).

Okay, you have not opened the door, can you not even open your mouth? Our Krishna (Narayanan) is adorned with Tulasi leaves which has divine fragrance. He is waiting to give us lots of happiness .

Ages ago, Kumbakarnan  fell a prey to Lord Yama(king of death). Did he lose the battle of Sleep with you and give you the eternal sleep as a result of his defeat? You keep sleeping forever. Why are you so slothful and lazy? Are you not the most precious ornament of our group? Get up from your bed with clarity and join us. Open the door precious

As i learn every pasuram,  I feel that Andal literally is talking to all of us who are in the eternal sleep of ignorance and helping us wake up to the ultimate truth. Let us take baby steps to wake up. Let us all keep trying. I pray for all of us to be blessed by Andal to give us the strength,devotion and surrender that she had towards Krishna. We all need it, badly!

P.S. It is out of love for Krishna that i have attempted this translation. A million apologies to all the scholars and the learned if i have committed any mistake(s) .


Pic Courtesy: Mr. Keshav Sir’s Facebook page.


Translation Reference https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7T0zBCVuV7camY4VWVjeFJDdXM/view?pli=1




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