எல்லே! இளம்கிளியே இன்னம் உறங்குதியோ?

சில்என்று அழையேன்மின் நங்கைமீர்! போதர்கின்றேன்
வல்லைஉன் கட்டுரைகள் பண்டேஉன் வாய்அறிதும்
வல்லீர்கள் நீங்களே நானே தான்ஆயிடுக
ஒல்லைநீ போதாய் உனக்கென்ன வேறுடையை
எல்லாரும் போந்தாரோ? போந்தார் போந்து எண்ணிக்கொள்
வல்லானை கொன்றானை மாற்றாரை மாற்றழிக்க
வல்லானை மாயனைப் பாடேலோர் எம்பாவாய்.

This song is sung to wake up a very talkative gopika who has a beautiful voice.

Andal and other Gopikas are standing outside the house of this Gopika who is yet to get ready.This pasuram is sung in an interactive mode

Andal:  Young lady who looks like a beautiful parrot and has a beautiful voice, are you still sleeping?

Gopika inside the house: All you ladies standing outside my home ,why are you troubling me? I am getting ready. Will be out in some time. Why are you creating commotion?

Andal: We all know you are a great scholar when it comes to talking

Gopika inside the house: It is all you ladies who are great in talking. It is ok. Let me take the blame. Why fight over this? i am the most talkative in this group. I agree

Andal: Come fast! Is there a special path for you alone?

Gopika inside the house: Have the others already joined you all?

Andal: Yes, everyone is here waiting outside your home. Come outside and count the heads yourself. Let us all sing praises about our Krishna who killed the powerful elephant ,Kuvalaayapeedam, the one who removes the hatred from the enemies hearts and the king of Maya and spread Bhakthi and Surrender. Come out and join us.


With this Pasuram, the “Rise and Shine sunshinë“section ends 🙂 . All the ten Gopikas are woken up one by one and the group is ready for undertaking the vow.

P.S. It is out of love for Krishna that i have attempted this translation. A million apologies to all the scholars and the learned if i have committed any mistake(s) .

Pic Courtesy: Mr. Keshav Sir’s Facebook page.


Translation Reference https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7T0zBCVuV7camY4VWVjeFJDdXM/view?pli=1





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