For a long time in my life, I used to gain strength from the higher spirits who gave me a sort of re assurance through some signals whenever i needed one .  Those signals were my silent and powerful source of strength.

These days , I don’t get that reassurance . May be because I am not even reaching out as often as I used to. May be , I have regressed that I am not able to harmonize with the higher frequencies. But, that’s okay.  That too is a message for me , I guess

When i never knew to look at myself as a survivor  , i had angels who came and wrapped their wings around me and helped me see myself in better light.  That’s when i realized i was wrong. Reassurances were being provided to me constantly in forms i was unaware of.

Days where being vulnerable and drained were the only two options i had, they were the reasons I was able to breathe and not succumb to the dangerous fallacies of life.

To all those who have been angels in my life,  I bow down to your gracious inner self that has spread so much light on me

We come across diverse people in our lives.  Our worlds have been expanding narrowly and our energies are being pulled down in unwanted ways that most of the times , our ways of functioning have become very superficial . This makes us hollow and empty at an emotional level and clouded at an intellectual level.

The dangerously astonishing part of our human design is the fact that we somehow survive this tumultuous path by wearing masks or pretending like everything is fine and lead our lives so comfortably until darkness engulfs us completely.

One thing remains to be true. Fighting a battle between the dualities of life such as success-failure, love-hate, pride-humility , denial-betrayal kindness-cruelty , hypocrisy-honesty, most of us still yearn  for a lot of warmth and acceptance.Some acknowledge it and respect the gesture when given. Some use it and when the need is fulfilled, they move on. Some hold on to this as a sacred altar in their hearts.

When one wants to see the goodness in everyone, the bad is but a given. It sticks to you free of cost. The energy drain is inevitable. And just for that one reason that you always want to see the goodness in everyone, I believe reassurances and the strength to hold on a bit longer happen unknowingly. The universe not only listens and understands your intent but also reciprocates.There is so much beyond the physical limitations and dimensions of life . If only the mysteries were so easy to unveil itself!

In all the darkness we face , a few people always remain the constant source of light  Look out for them. They are your keepers. Spare a moment for them, please. Gratitude is the only way of leading a life especially during the disastrous periods of our times. Spread light and burn bright. This world needs it



2 thoughts on “Spare a moment,please

  1. And an amen to that. In pursuit of fool’s paradise, we seldom manage to acknowledge the angels that are a part of our life. They don’t last forever, but they stay in us, as a part of us for as long as we’d let it. The irony of life is that. No moment to spare and when we have the time, no body around to spare it on 🙂


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