சிற்றம் சிறு காலே வந்து உன்னை சேவித்து உன்
பொற்றாமரை அடியே போற்றும் பொருள் கேளாய்
பெற்றம் மேய்த்து உண்ணும் குலத்தில் பிறந்து நீ
குற்று ஏவல் எங்களைக் கொள்ளாமல் போகாது
இற்றைப் பறை கொள்வான் அன்று காண் கோவிந்தா
எற்றைக்கும் ஏழ் ஏழ் பிறவிக்கும் உன் தன்னோடு
உற்றோமே ஆவோம் உனக்கே நாம் ஆட்செய்வோம்
மற்றை நம் காமங்கள் மாற்றேலோர் எம்பாவாய்


we got up in the early hours , came and woke you up in your palace, sang praises about you and your lotus feet, krishna. The boon/request we ask for is this.

Having been born and brought up as our Gopala, the omnipotent raised in the cowherd clan, please grant our wish

We did not come here to get the musical instrument ‘parai’ (drums) from you. We are your devotees, your bhakthas. we are bound by utmost devotion to you for the umpteen births that we are to take,  Krishna. Our request is that whatever materialistic pleasures we ask for, please convert those pleasures into more bhakthi and help us remain in your grace. That’s all we ask for from this vow.

Andal and the other Gopikas used an instrument as a reason to meet krishna. May be it was a good reason to convince all the security guards in the palace as they would understand young girls’s innocence in asking for a percussion to sing praises about Krishna . Highly spiritual souls desire only for devotion and surrender. This pasuram proves the highest spiritual quotient of the Gopikas


P.S. It is out of love for Krishna that i have attempted this translation. A million apologies to all the scholars and the learned if i have committed any mistake(s) .

Pic Courtesy: Mr. Keshav Sir’s Facebook page.


Translation Reference https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7T0zBCVuV7camY4VWVjeFJDdXM/view?pli=1





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