Right from the time I was introduced to the world of devotion,prayers and default (not self realized)existence of God, the two male characters I have worshiped have been Lord Ram and Lord Krishna .

Ram was the epitome of righteousness , rules,empathy, forgiveness, respect, devotion and commitment. On the Other hand, Krishna was fun, witty, clever, political and enigmatic. He was a giver. He gave whatever was asked for irrespective of whether it was good or bad .
A soul cannot attain enlightenment unless it drops off all the desires completely. Krishna helps us to fulfill our desires until we are done with it to finally go back to HIM. As you sow, so you reap. You have healthy desires , you reap them. You have unhealthy ones , well, you are in for a few more trials !

There are a few more inferences I have about this man.

Pain is inevitable. You either live in pain like it is your life or You enjoy despite the given. Krishna was always the cheerful and fun loving personality unlike Ram.

The day he was born, there was chaos. He was separated from his biological parents. Forget the divine powers for a moment here. The new born, tender ,vulnerable child had to travel miles and miles on that rainy night ,starving. That was just the first few hours of Krishna’s life for you. He moves to Gokulam and becomes Yashodha’s dearmost son.

The first subtle hint on detachment and uncertainity.

The witty clever prankster -Natkat Nandalal.
Krishna was always the most lovable kid :).The butter thief – He always buttered everyone He loved being the flirt. He loved being the thief who stole away the hearts of millions with his pranks. A very inviting liar.To think of it, Why do most of us call the kids Kanna and not Rama irrespective of the gender??

Inference :
To let go off the rules is okay sometimes for the good reasons though. Have fun once in a while.

The friendship
krishna was the center of attraction in any given scenario.The pranks he played with folks only meant he loved them more.The cowboys loved him. A friend that they always looked upon.
“Krishna – We feel like having some butter .Can You steal it for us ?. He did that. Did he not?

We all know the story of Sudhama – One small act of kindness that Sudhama did with his few grains of rice and that is all Krishna wanted.

The bond that draupathi and krishna shared cannot be explained . Here was this man who would do anything under the sun to protect draupathi . krishna ‘s sakhi was draupathi. By protection, i dont mean keeping her happy always. He was there for her every single time she needed him.The vasthra aabarahan is much talked about when it comes to krsna saving draupathi. There is a small cut in krishna’s hand and Draupathi with utmost concern tears a peice of cloth and ties it around his finger . That was enough for the lord to save her on that monstrous day.


1. Always remember the good deeds . However small it could be.Krishna did that. Why not us?
2. Cherish the friendship you share with someone . Could be fun, pranks,guidance,care, warmth or support but cherish it!

Andal and Thiruppavai

Radha was his love. Apparently, a few years elder to him and that is for the physical world. It amazes me as to why we say Radhe krishna and not Rukmani Krishna. According to vishishtadvaitha philiosophy,Jeevathma longs to reach paramatman and that has been personified as Radhe longing to reach Krishna

There are so many beautiful songs in Tamil that depicts how Radhe longs for Krishna when he is gone. There is also the most divine Radhe in the form of Andal who has given us Thiruppavai . Her unaltered devotion towards Krishna leaves me spellbound.

A father’s heart is where the daughter resides.

As we celebrate the month of Marghazhi, I wanted to write about the day Andal marries Krishna. In the sense, the day when Andal merged with the omnipresent as the divine light in Sreerangam as Sri Ranganathar’s beloved.
Perialwar who is the father of Andal, frantically searches for Andal inside the temple. Andal is gone. Yes, she is now in the place she longed to be. But, a dad is a dad. He cries uncontrollably searching for his daughter. Memories flood him with all the moments he had shared with his only beautiful daughter. It is such a beautiful worldly coincidence that Krishna and Andal were brought up by foster parents and not by their biological parents.
He cries in pain to the lord for he took away his only daughter and he was still on earth not knowing what to do without seeing her.

The lord speaks to Periyalwar.
“You will join me soon ! Until then spread the word of divine through your songs and hymns”. Periyalwar was one of the 12 alwars who wrote 4000 Divya prabandam which sings glory of Lord Vishnu according to the vaishnava tradition

What have i understood so far?

Throughout the life history of Krishna, there is one highlighting factor that has always amazed me. It is the Detached attachment Krishna never stayed in a place for a long time. He was always on the move. He kept adding people in his life but kept moving on. Starting from the birth place to the way he was killed in a forest all alone. There is a beautiful Karma theory associated to how Krishna was killed due to the curse of Gandhari and how the karma effect zeroed down in the end bringing in the decline of Yadhava dynasty as well .

I realized the number of times i utter the word Krishna is more than any other lord’s name. The conversations i have with him are my strength . The tears that he can wipe, dry sooner than the ones that cannot be done by any mortal. I would like to believe that I am his Radhe. The faith i have is that he is around in some form of energy showering his grace and that invisible presence is what makes me long and move towards the ultimate surrender.

Until then
Kurai ondrum illa Marai moorthy kanna


Pic Courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/keshav61/

Krishna for Today Facebook page by the great artist Mr.Keshav


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