Experiences where I am made to feel utterly insignificant are the ones that help me correct my pride with the most important relationship i associated myself with. It is a one letter word yet it summarises the person : The big and bold capital letter – ‘I’.

It’s not humility , it is not low self esteem but a deep sense of emptiness both at the physical and meta physical level that makes one pause all the million questions and go into a state of numbness or for lack of better phrase- let me call it ‘The state of void’.

I feel weak physically, mentally and emotionally vulnerable ,yet deep within is the voice that tells me to be detached from all those feelings.

This state of complete insignificance that I attribute myself to,right now is so soothing and a safe haven to be in.
It’s nice because this feeling of void  makes me equate myself to something that is lifeless- ‘No Prana’ , you know, like a stone . I don’t even know how many minutes this will last for me but it’s certain that this is the path I have to take.Sometimes when you are your own observer , that state feels so honest, real and true.

From dust we are born and as dust we will return  .



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