One gets to meet so many people during a sharevan journey. I do not get inside a sharevan unless I get the window seat.
It’s a meditative experience to have a conversation with self looking outside the window amidst the dust and noise pollution.
  Lost in thoughts, sometimes a tear or two has its way. Once in a while, I turn to look back at the people who are seated opposite me. There was this young girl seated diagonally opposite me. She was also wearing glasses like I do.  Instantly, I felt as if i was seeing myself in her. There was no visible similarity between me and her but her aura covered me up with so much compassion. No conversations, yet she gave me the required warmth that I badly needed. She got down a few stops before mine but this experience was surreal. Seeing myself in someone has never happened especially with a random stranger.  It’s been five months since this incident took place and I still remember her . She left a lasting impression within seconds. I don’t know how some people can do that even without any conversations
May be it goes to say, We are all one and the same. Who knows?​

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