If you accidentally checked in to my page, I must confess, it is because of your good karma 🙂 Just kidding…. No i am not 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. Means a lot to me.

My name is Lavanya and my nickname is Anya.  Sober and  a normal girl …alright I take that back.. a grown up woman , lost and clueless ,leading a mundane life with dreams and passion just like  most of the common ordinary folks.  Some genuine well wishers felt i should start a blog and here i am on Nov 18th 2016 at 12:15 AM trying to write about me as a blogger.’ Blogger’.wow! me? seriously ?. Well..Here i am in a new avatar today and it does feel euphoric

My blogs would be candid  and real . I take experiences out of my daily life and let the thoughts run through as i churn those emotions into words. That is me and that is what you will get from my page as well.  So, come over anytime to get a taste of simplicity , veracity and sincerity in my words as i pour my heart out.

God bless !